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Branding, Marketing, & Advertising Solutions

Baylii specializes in bringing every aspect of your branding, marketing, and advertising together for a seamless and effective experience that instills the essence of your brand into the hearts of your team and customers. 
Branding and Marketing Services | Baylii LLC | Mount Vernon, WA

Branding Services

Mission, Core Values, & Brand Promise

Beyond the operational details of your business (the products you sell or the services you provide), articulating your Mission Statement, Core Values, and Brand Promise will direct the growth and evolution of your business and will guide all aspects of your branding and marketing. Our team will work closely with you to define each of these elements.

Brand Messaging

What are the key differentiators for your product or service and how do these differences solve problems for your customers? With these questions as our guide, we'll help create clear and succinct descriptions of your product or service that encapsulate who you are and what you stand for.

Logo & Graphics 

Whether you're looking for a completely new look, or just need a refresh of your current logo, Baylii has you covered! We'll develop your new logo in a variety of formats so you always have an on-brand option at the ready. We'll also create your brand's color palette and a style guide so you, and any vendor you work with, can stay on-brand, all the time!

Brand Standards

Elements such as colors, fonts, composition, and imagery are fundamental aspects of a professional and credible brand - and that’s where Baylii comes in. After working with you and your team to develop these elements, we will deliver a physical Brand Standards Booklet for your team to reference for years to come.
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Branding and Marketing Services | Baylii LLC | Mount Vernon, WA

Website Design

Start from Scratch

Need a new website? We create websites optimized for the users who will visit them, which basically means we create websites with your customers in mind. We design our websites to feature clear messaging, compelling calls-to-action, logical navigation, basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and pleasing aesthetics on all device sizes. 

Refresh Your Current Website

At Baylii we evolve and adapt to succeed, so whatever software your site was built with, chances are we can give it a facelift. We are Wordpress wizards and experts with builders as well as a variety of Wordpress themes. And we know how to make the most out of builds in softwares like Wix and Squarespace. Contact us to see how we can breathe life back into your site!

Monthly Management

Do you have frequent website updates? Perhaps a monthly special, or menu updates or maybe even a blog? These are some things we are pro at managing! Whatever the monthly management tasks include, you can be assured that with Baylii your website will be kept up in an accurate and timely manner.

Creative Direction

This is the perfect solution for clients who already have a website developer on their team but need the Baylii touch to update the site's branding, messaging, organizational flow, and aesthetics. We create mockups, messaging, graphics, and step-by-step guides. We communicate directly with your developer to ensure they have all of the resources and tools to bring the new design to life!
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Branding and Marketing Services | Baylii LLC | Mount Vernon, WA

Digital Marketing

Paid Advertising

With paid digital advertising, there are dozens of tactics we use to ensure that your advertising dollars are spent to reach the right person, at the right time and place, with the right message. From search campaigns on Google, to video ads on Facebook, and everything in between, Baylii will develop the advertising strategy, messaging, and creative to achieve your goals and maximize your ROI.

Social Media

It is rare to find a thriving business that doesn’t actively produce informative and engaging social media content. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and now even Tik Tok and Pinterest are brand-friendly spaces just waiting to showcase your story! To get the most out of your organic social media channels, we'll develop a sustainable plan, graphic design support, and training for your team. Depending on your internal team, we can provide full-service support by creating and scheduling graphics, images, and post-text for your feeds. If, however, you have an in-house resource at-the-ready, we'll put together the plan, create gorgeous templates, and hand it over! 

Email Marketing

No one likes clutter in their inbox, which is why we teach clients how to leverage this platform without becoming a nuisance. Whether we're sending beautiful email newsletters bursting with insider-information, inspiration, and education or creating an automated sales funnel with a strong call-to-action, we always keep the consumer's journey - and thus, their experience with your brand - in mind.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of getting traffic to your website. We include basic SEO in all of our new website builds, but some websites may benefit from a more comprehensive SEO solution. Ask us how we can help you achieve more organic website traffic through improved SEO performance!
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Campaign Building

Sales Support

At Baylii, we understand that sales are the beating heart of your business - which is why we don't hold back when it comes to building and implementing sales campaigns. We employ a variety of tactics - leveraging digital platforms, in-person activations, and even a smattering of traditional methods when appropriate. Taking a strategic approach to increasing your bottom line is what Baylii is all about.

Lead Generation

The need to continually develop new leads for your business never stops, amiright? With well-planned and expertly-executed lead generation plans in place, you'll earn the attention and trust of new customers every single day. 

Brand Awareness

As you know, brand recall is a powerful phenomenon which dramatically influences buying behavior. Baylii will enhance awareness and recall of your brand through a variety of approaches including creating complimentary visuals and messaging across all platforms.

Special Promotions

At times you may wish to promote something unrelated to sales. Maybe you need to build your team, or you want to spread the word about a charitable event you're supporting - whatever it is, Baylii can help. And you better believe, we'll find a way to leverage the promotion to reinforce your sales, lead gen, and brand awareness campaigns at the same time!

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you know exactly what kind of help you need or you have no idea where to start, give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll figure it out together!
Branding and Marketing Services | Baylii LLC | Mount Vernon, WA

Public Relations

Earned Media

There are many ways to earn recognition for your brand through print and digital media channels. By working with you to develop a calendar of ongoing, consistent and relevant milestones for your business, Baylii will leverage our media relationships to promote your brand and message.

Thought Leadership

Oftentimes, it's beneficial to expand the reputation of a person in leadership of a brand from a leader in the company, to a thought leader in the industry. To accomplish this, Baylii will work to hone the leader's personal brand and identify opportunities for them to share their insight and expertise.

Awards & Certifications

Business, industry, personal awards and certifications all play a role in establishing credibility for a brand. Baylii will work with you to discover, vet, and apply for awards and certifications to boost your company's reputation. 

Press Kit

A memorable press kit is an effective tool for providing background information when soliciting both print and broadcast editorial. We will write and produce a press kit to include a business fact sheet, cornerstone product information sheets, and executive bios. 
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Branding and Marketing Services | Baylii LLC | Mount Vernon, WA

Video and Photography

Strategic Storytelling

You've probably heard that transparency is the new marketing; in other words, consumers want to know who they're doing business with and they'll be loyal to the brands they feel connected to. By creating photos and videos that tell the story of your brand, your products and services, and the vision you have for your company and its place in the world - you invite consumers to know, trust, and do business with you.

Brand & Product Photography and Videography

We cannot emphasize how worthwhile great brand and product photos and videos can be for your business. Jumping into a video project or a photoshoot to promote your brand or product without a plan can end up costing you a lot of money with very little return. At Baylii, we build the strategy to bring messaging, creative, delivery, and follow-up actions together for an impactful experience for the viewer and an effective ROI for you - before we even take the lens cap off the camera.

Social Media Promos

When you go to the trouble and expense to create a video, it's imperative to consider your delivery options. How are you going to get people to watch it? At Baylii, we make it a habit to create several short video bursts for clients to promote on social media with a link to the full length video. This often provides you with the best opportunity to capitalize on your consumer's fleeting attention. 
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Branding and Marketing Services | Baylii LLC | Mount Vernon, WA

Apparel and Promotional Products

Retail Swag

Do you want your customers to be able to proudly represent your business? Apparel and products customized with your brand is a great way to do that! Whether you want t-shirts, hoodies, travel mugs, or anything else, our team will create a captivating and aesthetically pleasing design cultivated with the swag in mind. Because we've been doing this awhile, we can often steer you toward the most beloved (aka - the one that keeps getting pulled out of the dirty laundry) clothing and promotional products.


A well-placed giveaway can make a lasting impression on the recipient as well as those in their sphere. We'll help you find, design, and source promotional products that support your goals and brand identity.

Team Gear

When your team is on the front lines working with customers and generating new business, you want them to represent your brand in a way that reflects positively on your company. Bonus points are scored here for apparel that's so comfy and stylish that it's hard to get them to wear anything else! Need help getting your team outfitted? Let us know!

Customer Appreciation

Swag is not only useful for getting new business, it's also a great way to show your appreciation to those who make your business successful - whether that's clients, investors, or vendors. 
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Event Support

Pre, Peri, & Post Event Strategy

Events present a unique opportunity to interact with consumers and industry compadres on a personal level. Baylii will work with you to determine a calendar of the most important events for your company for the entire year. We will develop a plan for your team before, during, and after the show to maximize each opportunity.

Sales Collateral

Whether you need a brochure, flyer, or other printed piece to support sales, Baylii has you covered. We'll develop on-brand messaging and creative to support the sales team and usher customers along the sales process.

Booth Design

Utilizing a mixture of furnishings and custom branded displays, Baylii will design your booth space to encourage interaction with attendees and provide opportunities for advanced engagement with qualified leads. 

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Branding and Marketing Services | Baylii LLC | Mount Vernon, WA

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